Moment Wannabe Bull Fighter Gored To Death

This is the terrifying moment a bull tortured beyond endurance in a shocking tournament gets its revenge and gores a would-be matador to death.

The grim footage was recorded at a have-a-go bullfighting festival in Colombia on 19th August where everyone is apparently encouraged to join in the killing.

The bull – spouting blood from banderilleros’ spikes in its neck – is being taunted by spectators who taunt the bull by hanging their backsides over the safety fence.

But one man in a green T-shirt goes too far and is snagged on the bull’s wickedly pointed horns and dragged into the arena.

Stuck against the rails, he is repeatedly gored and rammed by the half-tonne steer before horrified watchers can pull him back to safety.

Further footage shows the bull repeatedly tormented and attacked by spear-wielding picadors on horseback as blood streams from its neck.

The injured man was later named by local media in San Jacinto, Bolivar Department, as 31-year-old Wilmer Tapia.

A bull runing during bullfighting event in San Jacinto, Colombia, on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023. At least one person was killed and two injured. (CEN)

He was rushed to hospital for horrific wounds to his abdomen but died the same day.

Despite the shocking death, festival organisers refused to abandon the four-day show, which ended on 21st August.

Despite calls by some lawmakers, Colombia is one of the few countries in the world where bullfighting is still legal.

Netizens had mixed feelings about the occurrence.

‘Diana Isabel Alvarez Garcia’ commented: “Poor little bull having to put up with all that.”

‘Sergio Flos Tarazona’ claimed: “What a good bull, doesn’t mess around.”

But ‘Laura Star’ appealed: “Leave those animals alone.”