Moment Schoolboy Knocks Classmate Out With Broomstick

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a schoolboy being knocked out cold by a violent classmate who whacks him on the head with a broomstick and he collapses motionless to the ground.

Officials in the county of Midu in China’s south-western Yunnan Province said no charges were pressed during the incident involving the underage minors.

Video of the argument involving three pupils was filmed at Micheng Middle School on 25th March.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The short clip, which has been shared and commented on more than 5,000 times on social media, shows one schoolboy surnamed Kui, 14, being slapped and pushed by his classmate.

Seconds later, Kui turns to look at a second classmate who whacks him in the face with the broom handle, apparently knocking him out cold and causing him to collapse onto the ground unable to even break his fall.

County education officials said the two other schoolboys, surnamed Chen and Yang, aged 13 and 14, were spoken to by teachers after the incident, which did not result in any serious injuries.

Kui is said to have returned to class later the same day.

The parents of all three boys were called in to discuss the incident and have reportedly settled the matter amongst themselves, an official statement read.

No charges were pressed because the young ages of those involved, but the perpetrators were “criticised and educated”, while the victim was “counselled”, the county said on 28th March.

Under Chinese law, minors can be held criminally responsible from as young as 14 in severe cases such as murder, arson or rape.

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