Moment Man Falls From Top Of Six-Storey Building Trying To Escape Fire

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This is the shocking moment a man falls from the top of a six-storey building while trying to escape a fire raging inside.

A fire broke out in the six-storey building during insulation work in the district of Bagcilar in the north-western Turkish province of Istanbul on 27th April.

Ahmet Cilingir, age not disclosed, was one of the people working on the building at the time he became trapped on the roof when the fire broke out. Ahmet tried to escape but he had nowhere to go, so he attempted to climb down the side of the building while people held out a blanket beneath him.


In this footage of the incident, Ahmet can be seen trying to climb down the side of the building by holding onto the window on the floor below, but he falls, unable to hold on, while the crowd below shouts at him not to jump.

He fell on the blanket stretched out by the locals but it apparently did little to help, and it was reported that he suffered serious injuries.

Soon, firefighters, police officers and ambulances arrived at the scene. The police cordoned off the street.


The emergency aid team immediately provided first aid to Ahmet. The injured man was taken to hospital, however, according to the local news website Yeni Safak, he died due to his injuries.

The firefighters managed to extinguish the fire. It is not yet known whether the police have initiated an investigation into the incident.

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