Moment Large Boa Constrictor Captured On School Grounds

This is the moment Brazilian firefighters capture a large Boa constrictor snake that found its way into a local school.

The 1.4-metre long snake was found at a school in Bairro Shopping Park in the municipality of Uberlandia in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

According to the fire brigade, they received a call about a Boa constrictor inside a school building after the snake scared several students. Fearing the snake could attack a child, the school reported the case to the local fire station.

A boa constrictor captured by the firefighter at a school in Bairro Shopping Park, in Uberlandia in Brazil. (@bombeiros.minasgerais/Newsflash)

Upon arrival, firefighters located the snake hiding by an outside fence.

They had to cut away the fence in order to get to the snake before catching it with a snake stick and lifting it clear of the undergrowth.

They then lowered it into a container where they could take it to a safe location for release after putting on the lid.

The boa constrictor that was captured by the Fire Department at a school in Bairro Shopping Park in Uberlandia in Brazil. (@bombeiros.minasgerais/Newsflash)

After being tipped out of the pot, the snake appeared far from pleased, and bared its fangs at its rescuers, and at one point tried to bite them, although as a nonvenomous snake the consequences would not have been as bad as for one of its more poisonous relatives.

According to the firefighters, the snake weighed about 20 kilogrammes (44 lbs) and they suspect it had just ingested an animal due to its bulky body size.

After capturing the snake and releasing it back into the wild, the authorities said that it had been left unharmed and shared the footage to prove it.

The boa constrictor released into the natural environment after being captured by firefighters in Uberlandia in Brazil. (@bombeiros.minasgerais/Newsflash)

No one was hurt in the incident, despite the snakes attempts to bite them.

The Boa constrictor is a large, non-venomous snake found in tropical South America as well as some islands in the Caribbean.

The heavy-bodied snake is commonly kept and bred in captivity.