Mom Of Dutch Model Who Died Falling From 20th Floor Files Legal Case For Negligence Against Cops

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

The mother of 19-year-old Dutch model who died after falling naked off the 20th floor of a building three years ago has launched a legal challenge accusing officials of negligence in investigating two alleged swingers who had invited her to a party.

A legal challenge by the mother of the dead teen has accused the police and the government of failing to conduct a proper investigation into her daughter’s death and has now filed a legal suit against them.

Christina Caroline Gerarda Johanna Verstappen, 56, filed the suit on Tuesday, continuing to seek justice for her daughter Ivana Esther Robert Smit, 19, who was found dead and without clothes on the 6th floor of the CapSquare Residence in the Dang Wangi central area of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur on 7th December 2017.


According to Verstappen, the investigation into her daughter’s death was done in a hurry without a thorough analysis taking into account all aspects including the autopsy and chemical report and accused the authorities of violating standard operating procedures (SOPs) and police practices.

In March last year, the Coroner’s Court ruled that Smit’s death was due to a misadventure and concluded that no one was criminally involved in the case.

Verstappen, however, did not agree with the decision and made an appeal to the High Court months later, confidently claiming that the cause of the model’s death was a consequence of the actions of one or more individuals, since there were bruises found on the girl’s neck which looked like the marks of somebody’s hand.


The mother also demanded that the police issue arrest warrants against Alexander William Johnson and Lunara Almazkyzy – the American-Indonesian couple that was with Smit at the time of the incident.

After the initial investigation three years ago, it was determined that the 19-year-old had attended a party at the couple’s condo not long before her body was found.

According to local media reports, both the couple and Smit tested positive for drug use.


It was also alleged that the wealthy couple were actually swingers who frequently brought young models such as Smit to their condo.

At this time, it is uncertain what steps will be taken next to further resolve the case.

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