Millionaire Playboy Gianluca Vacchi Twerks On Hoverboard

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@gianlucavacchi

This is the moment flamboyant multimillionaire Gianluca Vacchi twerks topless on a hoverboard while whizzing around a plush estate.

The Italian DJ shared the clip on Instagram for his 12.7 million army of followers where it has gone viral with 3.6 million views.

In the video, the topless 51-year-old is sitting on a sofa while showing off his toned abs and array of tattoos.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@gianlucavacchi

As the music plays, he springs to his feet and starts wiggling his hips before hopping on a hoverboard.

While spinning around the lawn, Vacchi sings along to the music and starts twerking on the hoverboard.

He is last seen disappearing down the lawn, believed to be part of his plush estate in the northern Italian city of Bologna.

The multimillionaire DJ accompanied the clip with the message: “Summer just started… start dancing and tag a friend or a girlfriend that can move [their] hips like me. Enjoy!”

Vacchi recently scored a viral hit, seen by over 7 million netizens, where he is seen dancing in front of two bikini-clad beauties tanning their pert bums on a beach.

In the footage, the Italian influencer is seen dancing next to his Venezuelan model girlfriend Sharon Fonseca and her hot pal Diletta Simon.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@gianlucavacchi

The clip starts with Vacchi caressing his girlfriend’s pert bum as she lies on a sunbed on the beach.

As ‘Cristina’ plays, the professional DJ jumps to his feet and shows off his trademark dance moves as the two accompanying stunners pay him no mind.

However, after a pause in the song, the bikini-clad beauties start waggling their bums to the Latin rhythms and Vacchi jumps between them on the sunbeds to join in.

The video ends with the Instagram influencer kissing his girlfriend’s inviting backside.

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