Massive Stroke After Cosmetic Surgery

A former beauty queen died from a massive stroke after undergoing a cosmetic surgery operation in Los Angeles.

Actress Jaqueline Carrieri, 49, was the former Queen of the Harvest of San Rafael, in Mendoza province, Argentina.

She died after a blood clot apparently formed following the procedure on 1st October, her family said.

Carrieri, reports local media, had flown to Los Angeles with her two youngest children specifically for the operation.

Harvest beauty pageant organisers said in a statement: “She died in Los Angeles, California, due to a stroke that was caused by cosmetic surgery.

“Jaquelin represented the Punta del Agua district as queen and was elected Queen of the Harvest in 1996.

“For years, she was in charge of dressing our Queens of the Harvest with her fashion boutique.”

One colleague, Vanesa Lana, said: “Did you have to go?

“Such a beautiful person, so full of life, life is very unfair, oh dear Jacqui, I have all your memories, your advice, the laughter, the tears, the beautiful moments shared on stage doing what we love!

“Thank you, thank you for everything, Jaqui, you will always be in my heart!”

No details were given of the type of operation she had agreed to undergo.