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Mask Thief Caged For Spitting At Cops And Claiming COVID

Story By: Ernest Bio BogoreSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A man has been sentenced to eight months in prison in France for trying to break into a pharmacy to steal face masks before spitting in cops’ faces and claiming to have COVID-19.

The incident took place in the city of Montpellier in the southern French department of Occitanie when “the man was caught red-handed” by police officers on the scene, according to police spokesman David Leyraud.

Leyraud added: “Dressed in a protective suit, he was caught trying to break into a pharmacy. Apparently was going to steal face masks.”

According to local media, while under arrest, the unnamed suspect spat at cops while claiming her was suffering from COVID-19.

Leyraud said: “In police custody, the individual repeatedly spat at the officers while shouting ‘I have coronavirus’.

“He also tried to bite one police officer.

“To subdue him, officers had to put a mask over his face and handcuff him.”

According to French media, a doctor arrived at the police station and found that the suspect was not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

Leyrau commented: “We are experiencing an increase of these kinds of incidents.

“People are spitting at others on purpose, claiming to have coronavirus. The judicial response to this must be strong.”

The defendant’s court appearance was fast-tracked and he was sentenced to eight months in prison for attempted robbery and assaulting a police officer, according to the Montpellier public prosecution.

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