Man Stages Arrest As Terrified Girlfriend Looks On As Part Of Elaborate Marriage Proposal

This is the moment a young man stages his own arrest by the police in front of his visibly terrified girlfriend as part of an elaborate marriage proposal.

The unorthodox proposal took place in the municipality of Traipu in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Alagoas on the night of 9th May, the eve of Jayane Freitas’ birthday.

Jayane, now 21, said yes to Lucas da Silva Almeida, 19, after he staged his own arrest with her father’s prior approval.


Footage of the proposal shows uniformed cops ‘arresting’ the young man in front of his girlfriend for alleged drug possession.

He is seen against the back of a bus with his hands on his head while one menacing officer interrogates him and pretends to take drugs out of his pocket, which he hands to his colleague.

He then leads the young man to a police car and pretends to bundle him into the back seat as the teen’s worried girlfriend looks on.


However, after opening the car door, Lucas pulls out a bouquet of roses and a ring and gets down on one knee to pop the question with a mischievous smile on his face as the cops around the couple chuckle.

The assembled officers then clap as she says yes to her boyfriend, despite the roguish prank no doubt giving her a fright.

The pair then hugs with Jayane evidently appearing relieved and Lucas with a big smile on his face.