Man Leaves Mothers Remains In IKEA Shopping Bag After Murdering Her And Chopping Her Up

A man in Italy has reportedly confessed to murdering his mother before dismembering her body and discarding the parts in scattered shopping bags after cops found one IKEA bag containing some of her remains.

The incident took place in the Italian city of Naples, the capital of the Campania region in southern Italy.

Parts of the woman’s body were found in an IKEA shopping bag in the area and now the suspect has been identified as Eduardo Chiarolanza, 47, and he has reportedly admitted to police officers that he killed his mother, Eleonora Di Vicino, 85.


The elderly woman disappeared at the end of last month and the first person to raise concerns about her was an acquaintance of her and her sister, investigators told local media, and on the school principal with whom she often talked, but he had not heard from her for days.

After investigating for a few days, the police determined that their main suspect was one of the elderly woman’s three children, Eduardo, who lived with her.

Friends and family reportedly told the police that he had been suffering from problems since becoming unemployed a few years ago.

After initially denying everything, the man allegedly confessed on 10th September to police that he had indeed killed his mother and that he had disposed of her body afterwards.

Police have since found blood in the apartment where the murder is alleged to have taken place. They are currently working to discover exactly when it took place.

Police are also attempting to locate the victim’s other body parts using sniffer dogs. The first body parts to be found were discovered in a blue IKEA bag that was thrown away last week at the latest.

The investigation is ongoing.