Lucky Woman Who Threw Out GBP 1k In Diaper Gets Her Money Back

A lucky woman who hid GBP 1,000 in a nappy but then accidentally threw it out with the rubbish managed to track down the bin lorry and get her cash back.

Rossy Torres Arteaga had stashed the small fortune in a nappy to prevent burglars from finding it if they ever broke into the family home in Satipo, Peru.

But, in a moment of distraction, the 33-year-old mum one day inadvertently threw the nappy out with the rubbish.

When she realised her error, she realised that the bin lorry had already passed by minutes earlier, local media reported on 16th May.

Her quick thinking led her to call security forces in Pangoa District to ask for their help.

Within seconds, an operation to track down the missing PEN 4,700 had been set up.

And within minutes, the team had managed to track down the bin lorry, which was still on the job.

The helpful binmen immediately stopped their work and started throwing bin bag after bin bag onto the street in a bid to find the missing cash.

Rossy Torres, 33, counts the money after it was found in a bin lorry in Pangoa, Peru, undated. She threw the PEN4,700 (GBP 1019) and workers police officers and night watchmen helped her look. (CEN)

After nearly half an hour, one of the binmen managed to find the clean nappy.

This footage shows how he unfolded a garment inside the diaper to reveal the thick wad of notes.

A second piece of footage shows the relieved woman counting her cash to check that no PEN 100 banknotes had gone astray.

A delighted Rossy thanked both the security officers and the binmen for their efforts in tracking down her missing money before it could end up in the landfill.

The authorities later recommended that she keep her hard-won cash safe by putting in a bank account.