Locals Claim Mythical Monster Killed Farmers And Cows

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Two farmers and numerous cattle have been found dead with their tongues removed and no blood in their bodies with many locals believing it is the evil work of a mythical monster called the ‘goat-sucker’.

According to local media, the dead bodies were all found with gaping holes and no blood in their bodies, while their tongues had also been removed apparently by the legendary ‘Chupacabra’.

Farmers from the central and southern Honduran departments of Comayagua, Olancho, Francisco Morazan and El Paraiso have all reported similar accounts.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Diario La Tribuna Honduras

Many of them claim the phenomenon was caused by the legendary ‘Chupacabras’ (‘goat-sucker’), a folkloric creature that feeds on animals’ blood.

Local vet Eleazar Romero told local media: “It is very mysterious because there were no signs of an attack on the animals, and we do not have a clue what could have carried it out.”

“The animals were all well cared for and kept in secure farms.”

He also claimed that a “supernatural creature” is behind the deaths.

Two weeks ago, villagers in El Naranjo in the central Honduran department of Comayagua were shocked by the death of a farmer known as Tulio.

He was found in a field with no marks of injuries except for a large puncture in his foot where his blood was drained, according to reports.

Three weeks ago, a man called Geovany was found dead in the western Honduran department of Intibuca.

Local resident Jose Martinez told reporters: “He went to a dance party in Yamaranguila and left to come home around midnight, however he never got back.

“He was found three days later up a mountain.”

Martinez added: “The strange thing is, his body was in a crevice that we could not get into and we do not know how he even got there because there were no tracks. It is like a wild animal carried him.

“Also, he was very pale – as if Chupacabras had sucked out all his blood.”

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