Italian Woman Born Without Arms And A Curved Spine Has Become A Successful Social Media Influencer

This is the moment an Italian woman who was born without arms and severely underdeveloped legs goes about her everyday life eating, going to the gym and brushing her teeth.

She has used inspirational content such as this to become a successful social media influencer, keeping her fans updated with snippets of her life whilst always reminding them not to let life’s difficulties stop them from being happy.

Nadia Lauricella, 27, from the Racalmuto commune from the southern Italian region of Sicily was born without arms, underdeveloped lower limbs and a curved spine which prevented her from walking properly and carrying out basic tasks on her own.


Over time, Nadia says that she learned to accept her disability and did not let it dominate her life. She shares her story with the world via social media and she now has 30,600 followers on Instagram.

Nadia shares moments from her private life that would normally seem mundane, such as working out at the gym or having dinner with a friend, however, she does all these tasks without the use of her arms and despite a severely arched spine.

In an interview with the local media outlet Younipa, Nadia said: “I haven’t always been sure of myself. As a teenager, I couldn’t accept who I was and I often felt extremely low.”


She explains that she feels like she was born twice, the first time the disability dominated her life, the second time was when she decided to put on a prosthesis and start to live as independently as she could.

In one of her recent posts, she shared a picture of herself at the gym which racked up 3,604 likes along with countless supportive comments from her followers commending her determination.

During her childhood and teenage years, she claims that her physical disability was often misunderstood as teachers and students assumed it must also be reflected in her mental abilities.


Despite this, she says that with the help of a very supportive math teacher she successfully graduated from secondary school.

Despite her success on social media, she discussed how difficult life can be for a disabled person, especially in Sicily.

She explains that the aid that people with disabilities receive from the government is not enough to guarantee a dignified lifestyle whilst finding a job is extremely difficult.


Nadia hopes that in the future people will become more understanding of people with disabilities, and she does not want sympathy, she just wants to be treated like everyone else.

She says: “Every time a parent tells their child not to go near someone with a disability they are teaching them that being different is something negative.”

She adds: “We need to encourage future generations to accept differences and treat everyone equally regardless of their sexual orientation or how they look.”


She concluded the interview by telling people to: “Accept what you are and to learnt to love it and love yourself.”