Inventors Auto Stir-Fry Machine Still Needs Some Wok

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This hilarious footage shows an amateur inventor’s home-made automatic stir-fry machine that can cook a meal from start to finish but where the serving mechanism clearly still needs work.

The clip shared to social media shows the man filming the device, which appears to be a big metal wok placed on top of a spring-loaded gas stove.

The inventor starts what looks like his first ever trial run by saying: “It not only stir-fries, it serves the food into your bowl, too.”

Picture Credits: AsiaWire

He throws some vegetables into the wok, which begins sizzling as the fire heats the oil and food inside.

An empty bowl ready to receive the dish is placed on a raised wooden plank nearby.

He turns on a motor hooked up to a spatula, which begins rapidly moving back and forth, essentially stir-frying the vegetables inside.

A few moments later, the vegetables change colour inside the wok and the confident inventor stops the motor.

He says: “All done. Now let’s try its serving function.”

He removes the spatula and then flicks a switch which releases the large spring with violent force.

It throws the entire wok forwards and slams it down onto the porcelain bowl, which shatters on impact with the metal frying pan.

But the vegetables end up inside what remains of the bowl.

The inventor admits: “That was a bit too strong. What a waste of a bowl.”

However, he concludes: “I’d call that a success.”

He did not reveal whether he is planning to patent his invention.

Social media user ‘Sicun qvq’ wrote: “Automatic bowl smasher.” 

And ‘Tiedan Shenhou Zhang Wuji’ said: “I thought you’d invented a gong.”