Influencer With New Man Weeks After Hubby Dry Ice Death

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

The Russian influencer whose husband was killed when dry ice was thrown into a swimming pool during her birthday party has been accused of jumping into a new relationship too soon after the tragedy.

Yekaterina Didenko, 29, made the headlines in February when her husband Valentin Didenko, 32, and two others were killed at her 29th birthday party in Moscow.

About 25 kilogrammes of dry ice was tipped into the pool with the intention of creating a nice effect to impress guests, but right after people in the water began to choke and lose consciousness.


Dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, produces a heavy vapour when put into water.

In the months following her husband’s death, Didenko has become an online influencer whose Instagram following has swelled to 1.7 million, and she has also reportedly treated herself to a boob job.

She posted photos of her enlarged boobs after undergoing the op in May.


The widowed influencer, who hails from the city of Pyatigorsk in the western Russian region of Stavropol Krai, recently posted a photo of her cuddling a man whose face is hidden.

Didenko said in the message for the snap that she does “not understand what is happening” to her.

Followers believe it is influencer Sergei Mozg, who appeared with Didenko, seen holding a first aid kit, in a post in early July.


The pair also appeared in a video on Mozg’s Instagram account back in April.

In the footage, the influencer is seen popping a balloon as Didenko stands next to him.

At the same time, they both shared photos in the same location with each other missing, leading to more questions.

However, many followers are angered that mother-of-two Didenko has apparently found a new man, and possibly as far back as April or earlier.


Netizen ‘Amirashagirova’ said: “I’m outraged, your husband just died in February!”

‘AllForSoul’ wrote: “I’m shocked! I think some influencers would even sell their own mum to gain more fame. Maybe they are in a sect we don’t know about?”

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