Influencer Raffles Off 2 Of His Cars To Help Families Buy Oxygen Tanks

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

This Mexican influencer has announced plans to raffle off two of his cars to buy oxygen tanks for COVID-19 patients after already giving away a reported 50 tanks.

Influencer Scott Adrian Moreno, known as Scott Travelling on social media, announced the news for army of almost 3.9 million followers on Facebook earlier this week.

Local media said the influencer had already bought around 50 oxygen tanks which he gave to people who needed it to fight COVID-19.


Moreno also reportedly has over a dozen doctors offering online medical advice on WhatsApp for people with scarce means.

He recently told his followers he ran out of money to help people, but was unwilling to stop his charity work.

In the post, Moreno announced he was raffling off two of his cars, adding: “I would rather try to help and be criticised for it than to be indifferent to other people’s pain”.


He said: “I feel uneasy and can’t sleep thinking that there are people who are losing family members who are not able to buy [oxygen] tanks to save their loved ones. Material things can be recovered, but people never will.”

Anyone interested in participating in the raffle can send a message via his YouTube channel ( where he has 629,000 subscribers.

In a social media post on 5th February, Moreno said he has sold 25 tickets and has 2,475 to go, and confirmed that one of the cars is his beloved Mercedes.


He announced each raffle ticket for his Mercedes will cost MXD 200 (GBP 7). It is unclear what the make the other car is.

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