House Arrest Suspect Stages Fashion Show For Cops

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Police officers who have to visit a man under house arrest to photograph him and prove he has not gone on the run have found him wearing ever more bizarre outfits including doctor’s scrubs and a clerical collar.

Public relations specialist Vladimir Petrov, 38, decided to entertain the cops by posing in a different outfit every time came to take a picture of him to his home in northern Ukraine’s capital Kiev. 

Picture Credits: CEN/@vova_lumpen

Petrov was put under house arrest for privacy violation six weeks ago. Since then the cops go to his house every day to take a photo of him to prove that he has not violated the restrictions imposed on him by the court. 

Petrov has apparently decided to have some fun with his daily meeting with the police by posing in various bizarre outfits for the snaps. 

He also started posting the pictures on his social media page sharing them with his 7,000 followers. 

In the pictures, Petrov can be seen posing in different outfits from his wardrobe and in some costumes that he managed to find at home or was supplied by his friends. 

In one of the pictures, Petrov can be seen wearing an orange overall similar to the uniform for American prisoners. 

Another picture shows him wearing a doctor’s scrubs whilst covering his face with a mask. 

He can be seen dressed as a Catholic priest and as a diver in other pictures. 

Petrov said commenting some of his recent pictures: “I keep on delighting the cops who come to take a snap of me for control and reports. You can have fun even whilst being under the house arrest, guys!”

Vladimir Petrov was charged with privacy violation for allegedly using the social media account of his female acquaintance Natalia Bureiko to drag Aleksandr Varchenko, who is the deputy of the head of Department of Economic Protection of National Police of Ukraine, into a sex scandal. 

Using Bureiko’s social media page, Petrov allegedly posted messages from her name accusing Varchenko of sexual harassment. 

After causing the scandal, Petrov was detained and put under house arrest until 28th January this year.

He faces up to three years in prison if found guilty.