HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU: Big Brown Possum Eyes Just Hypnotic Say Zoo Staff

This is the moment a tiny fuzzy Australia-native possum shyly stares into the camera lens looking too adorable to handle while snacking on some food at an Australian zoo.

The little ring-tailed possum named Harley gave netizens a cuteness overload just by being his lovable self as he modestly posed for the camera at the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, located in South Australia.

The Eastern Ringtail Possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus), otherwise known as Common Ringtail Possum, is well known to Australians as it has adapted to living in close association with humans.

They are commonly found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and are as big as a regular house cat, often covered with white furry patches behind the eyes and on the belly, and orange-brown tinges on the tail and limbs.

Ring-tailed possums can be found living in just about any conditions – from inhabiting forests, woodlands, and rainforests, to dense scrub and suburban gardens.

They eat a variety of leaves of both native and introduced plants, as well as flowers and fruits, as well as their own faecal pellets.

Australia-native possum shyly stares into the camera lens looking adorable while snacking on some food at Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary, South Australia, in undated footage. The possum is of the species commonly known as Common Ringtail Possum and is called Harley. (Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary/Newsflash)

The widely adored species are among the many rare animals that live at the Warrawong Sanctuary, which is a thriving ecosystem where hundreds of Australian native creatures flourish.

The award-winning Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Dr John Wamsley, who later surrounded the property with a 2.1-metre-high, electrified, feral-proof fence, according to their official website.

The fence is often considered a world first and has created a safe haven where native animals are protected from introduced predators like cats and foxes, the Sanctuary says.