Hallucinating Hubby Butchers Sleeping Wife And Son

Story By: Sibel Abdiu, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

A wife whose husband repeatedly stabbed her and their three-year-old son is not pressing charges as she claims her spouse was “seeing things that weren’t there”.


Picture Credits: AsiaWire

The incident occurred in the Menderes district of Izmir province in Turkey as the wife, named in reports as R.D., 25, and her son A.D., 3, were sleeping.

Prosecutors state husband and father Nurettin D., 31, tried to strangle his wife as she slept before grabbing a knife and stabbing her several times.

The husband is said to have believed his wife was dead when he turned the blade on his son, stabbing the youngster several times.

Nurettin D. then reportedly called his father-in-law, named in reports as S.D., and told him what he had done.

S.D. then called the emergency services and the seriously injured mother and son were taken to hospital.

The police then arrested Nuerttin D. who had reportedly slit his own wrists saying: “I killed my wife and son. They are free now.”

He was taken to hospital for treatment to his wounds before being taken to court where he was found guilty by a judge.

The wife and child are said to have gone through a long period of recovery before being discharged, but at his recent trial R.D. said she would not be filing a criminal complaint against her husband.

She said that her husband’s mental health state is not stable and that he needs treatment, adding: “He started seeing things that do not exist. The day of the incident first he strangled me then he stabbed me. Then I saw him stabbing our son.”

Nurettin D. said he had woken up in the night of the incident in June 2018 and saw “a group of people came into our home”, he added: “I thought they were going to kill my wife, my son and me. I stabbed my wife and son in order to protect my honour. I don’t remember the incident in detail.”

Prosecutors decided to request a report from the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Directorate to determine suspect’s mental health and if he understands the legal consequences of the crime he has committed. 

The court board decided to keep the suspect detained until the next trial when the report forensic report is ready. 

Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.