Golden BMW From Rap Vid Seized For Being Too Shiny

Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This highly-tuned golden BMW X5 which was used in a popular rapper’s videos has been seized by German cops because it is allegedly so shiny it might blind other road users.

The car which belongs to an Albanian music label was the highlight of a music video from gangster rap star Stresi, 32, and is used on their promotional tours, but cops deemed it posed a danger to other motorists as it could blind them.

Picture Credit: CEN

The flashy motor was stopped by police in the German city of Dusseldorf as part of a clampdown on tuned cars in the city.

The police were concerned about the glossy metallic gold paint on the car, believing that it is so shiny that it would blind other drivers in the sunshine. As a result the car was seized and towed away.

The driver of the car was allowed to pick the car up the following day but was ordered to take it to the nearest garage for a new look.

The police not only found issues with the glossy paint, but also over a dark film that had been placed over the lights as well as further modifications also failed the checks.

A police spokesman said: “Every single deficiency was an issue and that meant the operating licence of the vehicle became invalid.

Picture Credit: CEN

The driver was ordered to pay for the car to be towed away, as well as the checks to be carried out and faces fines for the car’s deficiencies.

The driver of the car Berat, 30, said: “The foil is not a danger to other drivers.”

He accepted the other mangles and said: “I have to pay 180 EUR (157 GBP) because of the lights and I also got a point on my license.

“The BMW has been used on the roads for the past two years and belongs to the music label Gjoni Black Entertainment.”

He added: “We haven’t had any issues with the police until now.”

He said the adjustments to the car were done by a professional tuning company and he believed they were all fine for road use.

The car will now need adjustments before it is allowed back on the road.

Picture Credit: CEN/ Stresi Instagram

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