Glamorous Influencer’s VIP Lifestyle A Sham Say Critics After She Complains About GBP 12 Price For A Burger

A beautiful South African actress has slammed trolls who accused her of being a fraud who struggles to find the cash for a burger while at the same time boasting of the luxury lifestyle in Dubai.

Tebogo Thobejane fled to Dubai after she reportedly targeted by gunmen while travelling in a Mercedes Benz car returning from the Saints Champagne Lounge in Sandton, Johannesburg on 17th October, 2023.

She was with a friend and a driver when they attacked by three men who started shooting at her car, according to local media.

The footage shows the car’s windows smashed after seemingly being hit by the bullets.

Tebogo told local media: “We had a great evening, I was with my friend in the car and we were driving home around 11pm when three men pulled up in what looked like a florist vehicle and there was a white Audi following us.

“They shot at us and the bullet scrapped me on my back, it missed and hit my friend who is currently in hospital.

“It did not look like it was a robbery or an attempted hijacking. I have my suspicions – it looked like a hit.

Photo shows actress Tebogo Thobejane, undated. She slammed claims of her being broke in Dubai. (@tebogocthobejane/CEN)

“We are blessed to be alive, but my friend is in hospital and I am trying to recover from the trauma. I knew some people didn’t like me but I did not expect someone to shoot me or to want to kill me.

“Is it the money? Is it the club? This has become very unsafe. I am a mother, who will take care of my son if anything were to happen to me?”

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After the incident, she fled to Dubai but online critics say her luxury lifestyle there is a sham after pointing to a now-deleted Instagram post. Where Tebogo complained about the high prices in Dubai, such as a burger priced at around ZAR 300 (GBP 12).

But she reacted over the exaggeration of her financial situation and said: “I’m currently dealing with a lot as everyone is concerned about my survival and financial struggles.

“Let’s address this head-on. My life has turned upside down, and my misery seems to be a popular narrative.

“I never mentioned leaving the country, and this narrative needs to stop. After the trauma l’ve been through, I have the right to heal.

Photo shows the story of the actress Tebogo Thobejane, saying God saved her, undated. Her car shot multiple times in Morningside, Johannesburg in South Africa on Tuesday, October 17, 2023. (@tebogocthobejane/CEN)

“Rather than focusing on me, let’s address the issues in our country, where women are constantly being killed. But, if I’m struggling financially, donations are welcome.”

Tebogo, who was travelling among different countries for almost a year. Did make a brief return previously to South Africa and reopened her entertainment lounge ‘Club X’, before the shooting incident.

She said: “I don’t know, maybe it’s jealousy or the fact that I have come home to reopen the club but I am not scared. My ancestors would never fail me.”