Giant Flower Thief Tortoise Arrested By Cops

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the moment cops work together to take in hand a huge tortoise caught eating a woman’s flowers in her front yard after escaping from its owners.


The footage of the huge beast being lifted up and put into the back of a truck was shared by the police department from the city of Pomona located in Los Angeles County in the American state of California yesterday (Monday).

The video shows the moment two officers lift the turtle from the front yard of a person’s house as an older woman stands next to them and watches.

The cops move in a crab walk towards a large truck belonging to its owners, as people in the area are heard thanking them.


The men position themselves in front of the open truck bed to help Milo on while a youngster wearing a red shirt stands next to it.

The locals’ gratitude quickly turns into cheers and applause as they place the animal in safety back in the care of its owners.

The police department captioned the video: “This is Milo the tortoise. Last night he escaped from his home but fortunately, Officers Gomez & Dulong were in the neighbourhood.


“With a little teamwork, they successfully reunited Milo with his family.”

However, they offered no further information on the animal including what type of tortoise it was.

The amusing video lead netizens to joke with ‘lucky_deviant’ saying: “Milo tryin’ to make a break for it! Run Milo, run like the wind… sooo close! Glad he was returned safely!”


‘Realrd6’ wrote: “Good job officers Gomez and Dulong. Milo is huge” and included a laughing emoji.

‘LAmaleCA’ commented: “BEST copper story of the month.”

‘Dayfiction83’ said: “That not so little buddy is probably not light. Glad they got him back to his family.”

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