Georgina Rodriguez Rocks First Twerking Class In Racy Clip

Football star Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez wowed fans after sharing a clip of her “first twerking class” with a famous dance instructor.

The 29-year-old model shared the raunchy video in an Instagram story, stunning her nearly 50 million followers as she shook her bum to reggaeton music.

Dressed in a grey sports bra and matching sweatpants, the stunning brunette ‘twerked’ barefoot alongside Jack Gomez, a well-known twerk coach born in Colombia.

Despite it apparently being her first class at the sensual dance routine, she is able to skillfully follow each of her instructor’s steps as they moved to the rhythm of ‘Papi Chulo.’ by Lorna.

The beauty posted the mesmerizing video to her Instagram story with the caption: “First twerk class,” alongside a peach emoji.

In turn, Gomez shared the story on his profile with the words: “Today I have taught this queen.”

The model has made numerous headlines recently after rumours of her split from the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star arose.

She denied the reports in an Instagram story with the words: “The jealous invents a rumour, the gossip spreads it, and the idiot believes it”

And her partner of seven years, Ronaldo further refuted the claims by sharing a snap where they exchange a kiss over lunch and cocktails.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez pose with their kids, undated. Georgina Rodriguez clarified the false news circulating on the internet that their kids were attacked and bullied at their school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (@georginagio/Newsflash)

The rumours came after Portuguese media reported the couple was allegedly in a heated argument while boarding a plane.

But the pair dismissed the claims, with even Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores Aveiro, addressing the claims saying: “It’s all lies. Every couple argues, but what’s been written is a lie!”

Dolores later reportedly flew to Saudi Arabia to visit the couple, where they are currently living while Ronaldo plays for Al-Nassr.