FORE FECK’S SAKE: Stray Golf Ball Flies At Astonished Shopkeeper’s Head

This is the bizarre moment a shop owner in eastern China escapes a golf ball as it comes flying at his head while he sits behind the counter.

The shopkeeper was scrolling through his phone as he sat by the till when the golf ball suddenly shot through the store’s open doors in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province on 15th November.

CCTV footage shows the ball missing his head by fractions of an inch and so fast it left a dent in the wall behind him.

It appears that a passing car had run over the stray golf ball and sent it catapulting into the shop, according to local media.

Further videos show the baffled shopkeeper measuring the angle and trajectory of the ball before it hit the wall.

He shared the footage on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – to show off the damage that such a small object can make.

User ‘So be it’ asked: “Will his head explode if hit?”

Another user, ‘I want to beat you’ suggested it would be wise to relocate the till elsewhere inside the store.

Man holds the golf ball that made a hole in the wall in Jinhua, Zhejiang in China. It passed next to his head. (shayu1668/AsiaWire)

And ‘Lanke Qiyuan’ jokingly said: “Buy lottery tickets.”

Many others have agreed that the owner was lucky to be alive and well.