Famous Brazilian Singer Mocked By Fans After Posting Snap Of Ridiculously Large Feet

A popular singer from Brazil who wanted to boast about being on a private jet has become the target of ridicule after her followers noticed her massive feet.

Brazilian singer Melody, 16, poses with a private jet where her feet look disproportionately large, undated. It was published on Instagram on this Saturday, April 29, 2023, and received comments from netizens. (@melodyoficial3/Newsflash)

Gabriela Abreu Severino, also known as Melody, from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, reportedly posted the snap in which she appears sitting on the aircraft’s stairs while wearing flip-flops on Saturday, 29th April.

The 16-year-old singer, who gained fame through her unique falsetto, then added in the description: “I’m going to give myself a birthday present, I doubt you’ll get it right.”

But the photo triggered an avalanche of reactions after her Instagram followers noticed Melody’s ridiculously large feet, which she seemed to have photoshopped.

However, that did not prevent them from mocking the teenager.

One Instagram user named ‘Thiago Segatto’ joked: “What do you need a plane for? Just three steps and you’ll be anywhere in Brazil!”

Then user ‘Dj Gaia To’ said: “This is to show that the jet flies at 45,000 feet.”

And v’nd9_ofc’ added: “I thought Bigfoot was just in the USA.”

Brazilian singer Melody, 16, poses in undated photo. She published a photo with a private jet where her feet looked disproportionately large on Instagram early this Saturday, April 29, 2023. (@melodyoficial3/Newsflash)

Melody, however, did not make any statements nor did she explain why she edited the snap.

The pop and funk singer began her career when she won the Premio Jovem Brasileiro competition that honours young people featured in music, television, film, sports, environment and Brazilian internet in 2015.

At the time she reportedly went viral after trying to do a falsetto by Christina Aguilera in a video.

In an interview with Brazilian media, Melody said that aside from Aguilera, she was greatly influenced by Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande in her childhood.

She recently revealed that she bought a luxury mansion in Sao Paulo and received a car as a present from her parents.