Egyptian Influencer Loses Toddler Son After Car Accident

An Egyptian influencer has announced the untimely death of her three-year-old son after he was hit by a car.

Photo shows the blogger Diana Mohamed with her injured child Rakan, undated. Rakan died after a car accident. (Newsflash)

Diana Mohammed shared the heartbreaking news with her 284,000 Instagram followers on 27th March.

Next to a picture of the tragic lad smiling, she wrote: “Rakan, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.

“The child Rakan Abdullah Kanaan has passed away, may God have mercy on him. Please pray for patience.”

Diana, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, had shared a video before Rakan’s passing asking for prayers.

She said: “Please pray for my son Rakan. He was hit by a car and his condition is critical.

“His heart stopped and started again, and he is currently in the intensive care unit between life and death.”

Following the devastating news of Rakan’s passing, Instagram user Dema Khorma commented: “My dear, my child also passed away 10 months ago.

Photo shows Rakan the son of the blogger Diana Mohamed injured, undated. Rakan died after having a car accident. (Newsflash)

“The matter is very painful, allow yourself to feel and cry and express yourself, and take your time.

“The matter is difficult, it’s hard to see the good in it, but believe me, everything from our Lord is good.

“The word of ‘Allah will compensate you’ hurts the heart because there is no compensation for a child. The pain remains in the heart all the time.

“But what makes us patient and strong is the presence of our Lord with us all the time. May God have mercy on him more than all of us.

“He is now in the mercy of our Lord, so don’t worry about him.”

Diana describes herself in her Instagram bio as a makeup artist and lifestyle blogger and an electrical engineer by training.

She has a partner and two daughters.