Dumb Teen Ignored After Trying To Rob Shop With Fake Gun

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@DariMamadalieva

This is the moment a teenager tries to rob a supermarket with a fake gun but the cashier ignores his threats and checks her phone before he walks away empty-handed.

The bizarre incident took place in a supermarket in a settlement in Vorgashor in north-central Russia’s Komi Republic region and was recorded by CCTV cameras.

In the video, a teenager, reportedly 14 years old, can be seen pulling out a pistol, reportedly a replica, and points it at the cashier with his face covered.

Picture Credit: CEN/@DariMamadalieva

The female worker appears unimpressed with his stunt and simply looks at the screen as he jabs the ‘pistol’ in her face.

The teenager appears to be become frustrated at her lack of action and continues pointing the replica gun at the woman until she begins checking her phone and he leaves as she makes a phone call.

Dari Mamadalieva, head of the supermarket later said: “The teenager threatened the shop assistants that she either had to take the money out of the till or he would blow out her brains.”

Mamadalieva said that she would not let the teen avoid justice and has already reported the case to the local police.

She added: “Dear administration of school number 14, we are kindly asking you to pay attention to educating children. Juvenile delinquency at your school is out of control, and you do nothing to prevent it.”

Mamadalieva also noted that she would give a bonus to her employees for their calm demeanor, saying: “We have seen a lot, but nothing like that.”

There is no information about the boy’s identity or whether or not cops have already began their investigation.

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