Curvy Star Slams Fans Who Love Bikini But Slam Lingerie

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Curvy Russian TV star Anfisa Chekhova has criticised followers who praise her when she models skimpy swimwear but slam her when she posts a racy lingerie snap.

The gorgeous 41-year-old regularly flaunts her famous hour-glass figure on Instagram for her 1.6 million followers.

However, the TV presenter is baffled as to why fans fawn over her swimwear snaps and then suddenly turn on her when she posts underwear photos.

Picture Credit: CEN/@achekhova

She said: “This never-ending chain of strange beliefs and outdated principles turns people into slaves.

“Just think about it, they are the same sort of fabric products that both cover my primary and secondary reproductive organs.”

The Russian beauty also pointed out that on many occasions her choice of lingerie has been more discreet than many of the swimsuits or bikinis she has sported for photos.

Picture Credit: CEN/@achekhova

On previous lingerie snaps she has received a barrage of hateful comments.

On one such post, ‘Oiv2016’ said: “can you please get dressed?!?! No that you are skinnier you post pictures almost nude pics.”

‘anar.kst’ added: “When public figures have nothing to write about they decide to undress thinking that they would turn media attention this way…”

Speaking about the difference between the reaction to her lingerie snaps compared to bikini pic, the model concluded: “This is just crazy! They are both two strips of fabric made from different things, but this affects people so much. Just because of some sort of social norm.”

Netizen ‘lisovaya70.70’ said: “I totally agree with you. You are a great person, thank you for being yourself.”

‘Ivlikkrsk’ commented: “What a wonderful message. Maybe people will finally get it.”

Chekhova rose to fame as the presenter of the controversial TV show ‘Sex with Anfisa Chekhova’.

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