Crash Witness Arrested For Filming Accident, Not Helping

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Video Credit: CEN

The witness of a fatal traffic accident has been arrested for filming inside the wreckage and laughing with a pal, as seen in this footage, instead of helping the injured in the moments after the smash.

The shocking accident took place near the city of Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina when the victim, identified as diabetes sufferer Milenko Pudar, suffered an attack while driving his Hyundai.

A motorist travelling behind him, identified as M.S., was filming and commenting on Pudar’s driving in the moments leading up to the crash.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The video shows the victim’s car crashing into a bus moments after M.S. was commenting on the man’s driving and remarking that he was probably drunk.

In the clip, he says “there he is, he went under the bus” before laughing and eventually approaching the crashed Hyundai, adding “this one is definitely not alive”.

According to local media, M.S. failed to call the emergency services, assist the road victims or even alert other road users to the crash site, instead choosing to laugh about the situation and attempting to film gory footage inside the wreckage.

Reports said that he has been arrested for not giving first aid to the victim who died in the accident.

According to the victim’s friend Dean Savicic, Milenko suffered a diabetes attack while driving.

Netizen ‘Miki’ commented: ‘Dear God, I cannot believe that someone would film and make comments like this. Please save us from such people!”

Angjela Trajkovska

I am a journalist and subeditor working for Central European News.

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