Crafty Leopard Snatches Sleeping Pooch

This is the chilling moment a leopard snatches a dog sleeping beside a man and carries it off clamped tightly in its jaws.

CCTV footage of the bold raid – at a garage in Pune, Maharashtra state, western India – shows the dog and the man both sleeping peacefully.

But the pair are in for a terrifying awakening when the leopard emerges from between two trucks.

The big cat stealthily stalks across the workshop until it is standing over the still-sleeping dog.

Then it holds it down with one huge paw while it clamps its deadly jaws around the pet’s neck and runs off with it.

By the time the man wakes up, the leopard is already loping out of the building to feed on the luckless pup.

A leopard attacks a sleeping dog and snatches away in Pune, India, Monday, May 15, 2023. Dense sugarcane fields and banana plantations in the area are thought to be the reason why leopards roam so close to the residential areas in the city. (Newsflash)

He gazes after it as the big cat disappears.

The footage had notched up nearly 200,000 views at the time of writing on Twitter alone after being shared online on 16th May.

Netizens were quick to comment with one saying: “His fuses went blank after knowing what happened.”

While a second said: “I have seen this many times during childhood. Instead of dogs, they took goats from our village.”