Cops Rescue Choking Newborn With Kiss Of Life

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Conor Sheils , Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment two police officers rescue a choking newborn baby girl by performing the kiss of life.

The incident took place in the Planalto Verde area in the city of Sao Roque in the southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Local media report Military Police officers identified only as Mikelon and Emerson were patrolling the area when they found a desperate grandfather running over from a car.

The grandfather, who has not been named, told the officers his granddaughter, named Rafaela Vitoria who was just 17 days old, had choked, suffered a respiratory arrest and was unconscious.

Picture Credit: CEN

Corporal Emerson said: “We were parked in our car when a vehicle appeared at high speed. We saw the mother with the child on her lap and the girl was purple.”

The two cops then tried to rescue the tot with the Heimlich manoeuvre and in the video, they can be seen holding the tiny baby and performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

They then hold the baby face down to try and unblock her airways as the worried mother looks on.

They continue to resuscitate the crying tot and Emerson said they then needed to take her to a medical unit.

The danger however was not over as the youngster’s lungs that they later learned had become filled with mucus from infection were blocked more than once during the drama.

Emerson said: “She had three respiratory arrests, we managed to revive her. En route, she had two more arrests. We continued doing the manoeuvre until we arrived at the medical centre.”

From there, doctors helped the cops keep the tot alive as they took her to the nearest hospital.

Emerson said: “She got to the hospital crying a bit and breathing. The doctors performed the suction of catarrh from her nose and mouth. The choking was because of the catarrh from her throat.”

He added: “It is very rewarding. The moment when the baby is passed out in our arms and then comes back to life two or three times. The emotional part is when you hear the child crying. It is the cry of rebirth.”

The police confirmed the baby “is well and back in her mother’s lap”.

Reports state the tot remains in hospital under observation.

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