Chinese Mans Cat Buried Alive While He Was Quarantined

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

A Chinese pet owner who was quarantined for coronavirus concerns has discovered that his beloved cat had been buried alive by the housing management company while he was away.

Credits: AsiaWire

The unnamed cat owner from the city of Wuxi in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu had reportedly been quarantined in hospital due to work reasons despite not being diagnosed with the deadly illness.

According to local media, the man arranged with the housing estate management company to leave the cat on his balcony for a friend to come and pick it up at a later date.

Credits: AsiaWire

However, despite the previous agreement, the management company entered his apartment and stuffed the cat into a plastic bag before burying it alive in an area of wasteland, according to reports.

When the man left quarantine and confronted the company about the incident, he was reportedly told that they went there to disinfect the property during a “public health emergency response”.

Responding to neighbours’ “demands” for action, the company said they were following the country’s Infectious Disease Control Act to “control or kill infected wild animals, livestock and poultry” during an outbreak, according to local media.

Reports said the man was upset about his pet’s death as there is currently no evidence to suggest that pets affect the viral outbreak at this time, and he had an agreement in place with a friend to collect and care for the cat.

PETA Asia’s media officer Keith Guo told Asia Wire: “It is extremely cruel to bury an animal alive for any reason. PETA urges the public to stop spreading rumours and pet owners not to panic.

Credits: AsiaWire

“The World Health Organization has issued a statement that there is no evidence that dogs and cats will be infected with the new coronavirus.

“Our enemies live in dirty industrial farms, slaughterhouses, and meat markets.

“If we can eat a vegan diet, we can avoid similar disasters that threaten the life and health of the public again in the future.”

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