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Pic Shows: The kitten caught between the tyre and bodywork of the car; This is the tiny kitten which has been rescued after getting stuck in a car's engine compartment for a 120-mile drive. The little kitten from Passau, a city on the Austrian border in the south-eastern German state of Bavaria, managed to somehow sneak into the engine compartment of an Audi A4. Without knowing about their stowaway passenger dangerously stuck between the engine, bodywork and one of the tyres, the young couple from Passau drove their Audi 120 miles over the motorway to the Bavarian capital of Munich. When the couple returned to their car parked in a Munich street, some neighbours alerted them that cat noises were heard coming from the car. As the couple did not manage to locate the animal, they called the fire brigade out of precaution. A fire brigade spokesman said: "After the firefighters loosened some parts of the car, the little passenger made its way into the open air." Even though the cat was finally freed, it did sustain some injuries from the drive. The fire brigade spokesman said: "On the spot, those present recognised that the eight to twelve-week-old cat had an injury to its left hind leg. "At the shelter, the veterinarian then noticed a fracture to the injured leg." According to Judith Brettmeister of the Munich shelter, the kitten also broke its tail. The kitten underwent surgery where to repair the fractured leg and had its broken tail amputated. It is reportedly recovering well from its injuries. It is not known if the kitten was a stray cat or if it went missing from its owner in Passau.

Fire Brigade Charges Media To Publish Firefighters Pics

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News Pictire Credit: CEN/Feuerwehr Munchen A major city's fire brigade has raised eyebrows - by charging newspapers and other media for permission to publish its photographs of incidents. The unusual decision to charge for pictures taken by firefighters was made by the fire service in the city of…

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