BREAST JOB EVER: OnlyFans Model Choses Her Very Personal Assistant

The stunning OnlyFans model who was looking for a very personal assistant to help with her photographs has filled the role with a TikTok influencer.

Gracie Hartie poses in undated photo. She has a new personal assistant Eunice Ng, 23, that creates content on Onlyfans. (@graciehartie/CEN)

Gracie Hartie – famous for her micro-bikini and lingerie snaps – posted the dream job advert on her website last month.

The OnlyFans model said the role would involve travel, photography, social media management, and handling “collaboration with other international gravure creators”.

One of the duties eventually turned out to be covering the star in body lotion.

Gracie also raised eyebrows by stating she was seeking someone to “work closely with me in building content for my OF platform”.

But, said Gracie, only Singaporeans or permanent residents with O Levels would be considered.

The model was swamped by up to 200 applications a day, mostly from men.

Now in a video posted to TikTok on 25th November, Gracie has disappointed the army of hopefuls by revealing the coveted role has been filled – by a woman.

Picture shows Eunice Ng, 23, painting a wall undated. Gracie Hartie shared a video of her new personal assistant Eunice painting while she jokingly waves a stick at her. (@graciehartie8/CEN)

Winner Eunice Ng recently graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, and is known as ‘Mermaid Girl’ on TikTok, where she boasts 18,900 followers.

Weeks ago, she had caused a stir online after sharing a video claiming: “I’m the reason why girlfriends are protective of their boyfriend.”

Eunice wrote: “Literally a girl who was with her boyfriend today rolled her eyes at me when i didn’t do anything.”

This prompted one netizen to reply: “I love your confidence.”

In a clip posted by Gracie saying how she was “training my new PA”, Eunice could be seen painting a wall as the OnlyFans model pretended to threaten her with a stick.

She jibed: “I help you punish this bad girl.”

Gracie Hartie poses in undated photo. She has a new personal assistant Eunice Ng, 23, that creates content on Onlyfans. (@graciehartie/CEN)

Eunice told local media she is currently on a trial period for a month and she will be rewarded the handsome sum of SGP 3,200 (GBP 1,950).

But, said Eunice, Gracie has also employed a man for the same role and with whom she is “kind of competing…to see who’s the better fit for her”.

Eunice, who started work on 23rd November, said of her new boss: “She inspires me a lot and she’s a really sweet person.

“She taught me how to deal with haters and seeing how successful she is, it inspires me to be like her.”

She revealed her tasks so far have included decorating Gracie’s Christmas tree, washing her dishes, and – bizarrely – covering her with lotion.

She also divulged: “Yesterday, I just helped her pack up her room and found she has around 400 underwear.”

Eunice added that had also opened her own OnlyFans page.

She told CEN in an interview: “The role so far has been relatively enjoyable. Being able to work alongside her has allowed me to broaden my horizons in life.

“She has taught me that success can be achieved if you work hard. And also no mountain is too high you can’t achieve.”

Eunice laughingly confirmed: “The most unusual thing Gracie asked me to do is to apply lotion for her.”

Singaporean OnlyFans star Gracie Hartie poses in undated photo. She is hiring a personal assistant. (@graciehartie/CEN)

But she added: “I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this job for a long time, as I’m actually doing relatively well on OnlyFans as a side job.”

She divulged: “I had already wanted to do OnlyFans but was not super sure about how people would see me.

“However, Gracie reached out to me and encouraged me that no problem is too big, and she believed in me that I would succeed in this field.”

She said of her current role: “The thing I look forward to the most in this job is being able to learn from an OF creator, and to really be learning from one of the top creators in Singapore is really an honour for me.”

Eunice also told CEN she had secured the job with Gracie “at the lowest point in my life, after I failed my exam papers”.

She revealed: “My mum wanted me to be a banker, but I felt that it wasn’t for me, and I was struggling the whole way through the training period.

“I felt like my life was in a mess. I was not doing well in my career. And also, I had a lot of hate comments online. And so it affected me so deeply.”

But Gracie, she said, “told me to come over to her house and she introduced me to OnlyFans”.

Eunice told CEN: “I find myself doing really pretty well on OnlyFans, and as a creator, I’m earning quite a lot.”