Brazilian Beachgoers Catch Huge Boa Constrictor

Story ByAlex CopeSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@andinho539

This is the moment Brazilian beachgoers find a huge boa constrictor which they carry through the water and onto the sand.

The startling incident occurred at the Amaralina beach in the city of Salvador in the eastern Brazilian state of Bahia and was recorded by onlookers.

Picture Credit: CEN/@andinho539

In the video, the beachgoers can be seen carrying the snake, which reportedly measures three metres (10 feet) in length, through the shallows and onto the beach.

Shocked onlookers record the men as they hold the huge snake and the animal can be seen coiling as it does to constrict its prey.

Local media report the beachgoers called the Environmental Protection Unit of the police and the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Energy Resources (IBAMA).

Reports state a team from the IBAMA went to the scene and took the snake, which is not venomous, to a unit of the institution.

Video Credit: CEN/@amalokasalvador

Luis Damaceno, who runs a local media team in the Amaralina favela, one of the most violent in Salvador, told Central European News (CEN) that the beachgoers who caught the snake believe it had come from a sewage pipe next to the beach.

Damaceno said: “There is a sewage pipe next to the beach where the local municipality are carrying out environmental works and the people who caught the snake said it probably came out of there.”

He added that the “snake was around three metres long” and identified one of those who caught the reptile as Murilo Mainart, pictured here.

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