BIG BROTHER: Young Boy Curls Up In Drawing Of Pregnant Mum

This adorable footage shows a little boy lying down inside the belly of a chalk drawing of his pregnant mum.

The heartwarming footage was filmed in Qingdao, in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, on 25th April.

The touching moment happened after the young boy’s pregnant mum drew her likeness on the ground in chalk.

Cute baby lies on pregnant mom’s drawing in Qingdao, China. (hh201972566/AsiaWire)

The young boy then drew a pair of shoes for his mum after seeing the drawing.

He then unexpectedly took off his own slippers and curled up in the foetal position inside the belly of the chalk likeness of his mum – as seen in these images.

The mother – name and age not reported – was quoted in local media as saying: “The moment I saw my baby take off his shoes and lie down, my heart melted.”