Beautiful Albino Sisters In Kazakhstan Overcome All Odds

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


These adorable albino sisters in Kazakhstan have overcome all odds to become “friends with everyone” after suffering a difficult childhood.

The girls’ mother Aiman, 38, who is a pastry chef in the south-western Kazakh coastal city of Aktau, said in an exclusive interview with Central European News (CEN): “The community was stunned. The first major shock was when my first daughter was born.

“Everyone would gawp at her in surprise, and some people even assumed that my husband was Russian.”


The loving mum-of-three said that some people would approach her to ask uncomfortable questions such as ‘did you dye your daughter’s hair’ and ‘why does Assel look like that’.

She said that the situation had changed when her other albino daughter Kamila, who is 13 years younger than her sister, came along.

Aiman told CEN: “People had learned a little about albinism then, that such things exist.”


The girls’ father Ildar Kalaganov said: “At first, I did not understand why my daughter was born so blonde.”

During a family-get-together later on, the parents discovered that they both had albinos in their families.

Albinism is a lack of pigmentation in the eyes, skin and/or hair, and is an inherited condition passed on by the parents.

Ildar learned that his aunt was albino while Aiman’s great grandfather and his brother were too.

When the girls were little both of them had to undergo a number of difficulties, especially Assel.

Her mum told CEN “She could not connect with the other kids in the playground, they were all afraid of her and would run away because of her look, her hair and eye colour.”

Aiman said this experience made her rather introverted and for a while she did not want to go outside.

This has all changed with time and today the 15-year-old girl has many friends and no one gives her a hard time for appearing different.

The albino sisters have to be careful in the sun and ensure they never leave home without hats, sunglasses and protection, especially during the hot Kazakh summers.

The parents have a middle child, a boy named Aldilar, who unlike both his sisters is very dark.

Netizen ‘Anvarovna050751’ said: “They are so pretty. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.”

‘Tqp687’ commented: “Such cutie pies.”

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