Baby Dies After Doc Uses Acupressure Instead Of Medicine

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

A four-month-old Chinese baby girl has died after a doctor treated her cough with acupressure therapy instead of conventional medicine.

According to local media, the baby’s mother noticed that the tot was coughing severely on the morning of 30th November and she took her to a nearby clinic.

A doctor examined the baby’s throat and lungs and assured the mother that there was no need to give the infant medicine as she was only four months old, according to reports.

The medic reportedly suggested that the baby should undergo massage therapy at the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The baby girl underwent massage therapy, also known as acupressure therapy, for 20 minutes, according to local media.

On their way home, the mother noticed pink bubbles coming from the baby’s nostrils before the tot appeared to faint and then did not wake up again.

The mother took her baby to hospital where doctors tried to save her life, but she ended up dying of multiple organ failure, according to the death certificate.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Meanwhile, the acupressure centre responded to the incident by saying that their staff members are qualified and that the baby was in a healthy state when she left.

The centre also vowed to help the local authorities with their investigation which is currently ongoing.

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