Ancient Fridge From Palaeolithic Age Discovered

Story By: Kathryn Quinn, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

An ancient fridge dating back to the Palaeolithic period has been discovered by archaeologists who believe it was an early day food storage used by hunters to store their meat.

Experts from the Austrian Academy of Science believe the construction was used to hide away and keep meat supplies fresh in the Krems-Land district in the state of Lower Austria in Austria around 23,000 years ago.

The scientists believe it was built on glacial permafrost ground by hunters who mainly hunted reindeer in the region to keep their meat fresh and well-hidden. This is a technique still used today by hunters in the Arctic.

Picture Credit: CEN/ ÖAW/OREA/Einwögerer

Experts believe this is the first of its kind to be found from this Palaeolithic era.

Under the construction researchers found reindeer bones which adds weight to the theory that meat was stores here.

Stones were built up around the fridge and then also covered, where the meat would be left inside and this would protect the meat from animals such as foxes and wolves. The meat would be kept cool due to the permafrost.

Picture Credit: CEN/ ÖAW/OREA/Einwögerer

Researchers believe the hunters were hiding the supplies to keep them for emergencies.

The discovers of the fridge allows archaeologists the opportunity to get valuable insight into the lives of the people in this period.

Thomas Einwogerer who is leading the digs said: “It allows us to get an insight into the hunting methods of the people as well as an insight into their resources.

“For the hunters to build these constructions using building materials such as stones to protect their meat and store food, would have cost the hunters a lot of time and work. Their work was very organised,”

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