AIR AID: US Servicemen Load Equipment Destined For Ukraine

This is the moment airmen from the US 436th Aerial Port Squadron load up an aircraft with cargo intended as ‘security assistance’ for Ukraine.

The unspecified explosives were cautiously loaded onto the aircraft at the Dover Air Force Base, in the US state of Delaware.

Footage obtained by Newsflash from the 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs – courtesy of Senior Airman Cydney Lee – shows crews carefully handling the cargo during the security assistance mission.

The 436th Airlift Wing said in a statement Newsflash obtained: “The United States has committed more than USD 24.5 billion [GBP 19.8 billion] in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of Russian aggression.”

Almost 50 Allies and partner countries have provided security assistance to Ukraine as of September 2022, according to the US Department of State’s official website.

Among the many reported contributions are 10 multiple rocket launchers, 178 long-range artillery systems, nearly 100,000 rounds of long-range artillery ammunition, nearly 250,000 anti-tank munitions, 359 tanks, 629 armoured and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), 8,214 short-range air defence missiles, and 88 lethal drones.