Activist Actress Cares For Tot For Year While Mum In Prison

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Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency: Newsflash

Colombian actress and human rights activist Johana Bahamon has been praised for taking care of a one-year-old girl while her mother spent time in prison.

Johana Bahamon, 38, is the chair of the Internal Action Foundation that aims to give people deprived of their liberty a second chance when released from prison.

So when she heard that someone was needed to take care of little Evelyn while her mother Clari served a year in prison for an unreported offence, Johana decided to volunteer.


Now at the end of that year, Evelyn and the actress recently reunited with Clari in the municipality of Boyaca in the Colombia department of Marquez after her release from prison on 12th November.

The human rights activist recently posted snaps of the reunion on Instagram where she boasts nearly a million followers.

One photo shows the actress and Evelyn waiting outside the prison for the girl’s biological mum.


Bahamon wrote: “Waiting for Clari.”

Shortly afterwards, she posted a snap of the trio cuddling after reuniting outside the correctional facility.

In another photo, Clari is seen enjoying her new freedom in the company of her ‘family’ while enjoying an ice cream.


Netizen ‘Laurasofia0409’ said: “You are an admirable woman Johana.”

‘Marialejandragr’ commented: “So much love.”

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