2nd Tallest Man Denied Licence As He Cant Fit In Car

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Brazil’s second-tallest living man with a dizzying height of 7′ 5″ has been repeatedly denied a driving licence because he is too tall to fit inside, and his size-52 feet are too big to fit on the pedals.

CEN/Denis Albino

According to local media, Denis Albino, 47 is the second tallest man alive in Brazil and he stands at 2.3 metres (7′ 5″).

He said he needs a vehicle to travel to shows and TV performances related to his dizzying height, but has been left frustrated after being continually refused a licence.

Born in the Brazilian capital Brasilia, Denis first learned to drive in 1994 when he was 21 years old.

CEN/Denis Albino

However, despite multiple attempts to obtain a licence, he is always deemed to be too big for the vehicle he uses for the tests.

With size-52 shoes, his feet are deemed too big for the pedals as well, according to reports.

Four years ago, he bought a Volkswagen Parati and extended the driver’s seat to have 10 centimetres more room so his legs could fit. However, his head was still touching the roof.

Denis revealed that he encounters similar problems on flights, telling local media: “I always have to book a seat by the emergency exits where there is space for my legs, otherwise I cannot fly.”

CEN/Denis Albino

He admitted that he has been stopped by the police several times while driving a car without a licence.

Denis said: “Every time I was pulled over, they listened to my story and helped.”

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