11 Rugby Players Beat Teen To Death After Altercation

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport 

Video Credit: Golders

Eleven rugby players have been arrested after an altercation in a bowling alley led to a street fight which saw this teenager beaten to death.

Argentine teenager Fernando Baez Sosa, who had reportedly just enrolled to study law, was killed after a reported altercation at bowling alley Le Brique located in the coastal city of Villa Gesell in the Buenos Aires province in eastern Argentina which led to a street fight where he was reportedly beaten to death.

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There are conflicting reports on Beaz Sosa’s age as some media report him as 18 years old while others report him as 19.

Local media report the aggressors that allegedly took the young man’s life were players for Argentine rugby side Arsenal Zarate as eyewitness reports claim as many as six of them were beating Sosa at the same time after he was already on the ground.

The video shows the moment a body can be seen on the ground motionless as several people walk away from the scene.

At one point, the person filming the incident zooms in showing someone trying to move the body which was seemingly unresponsive.

Video Credit: Golders

In another video several of the rugby players who allegedly participated in the fatal beating can be seen being escorted out of the bowling alley moments before the teenager’s death.

It is unclear what instigated the fight, however, there was reportedly pushing on the bowling lanes before the two groups were escorted out.

Local media report ten rugby players were detained on Saturday 18th January in a house they were all staying at in Villa Gesell and an 11th suspect was detained in the city of Zarate where the rugby club is based.

Picture Credit: Golders

The victim’s mother, named only as Graciela in local media, said: “Fernando was my everything, my life, I have no words, I cannot believe what happened to us.

“A pack of murderers took my son from me. I want justice, my son was beaten to death.”

Baez Sosa’s father, named in local media as Silvino, echoed Graciela’s statement, saying: “The person who killed him is honestly an animal. Graciela and I are very sad, we just want justice to be done.”

Beaz Sosa was reportedly in the coastal city enjoying a relaxing weekend with friends after recently enrolling to study law. He was an only child.

The case is under investigation however it is unclear if all of the rugby players will be charged.

The 11 suspects who have been detained have been named in local media as Ayrto Michael Villaz, 20, Macimo Pablo Thomsen, 20, Luciano Pertossi, 18, Lucas Fidel Pretossi, 20, Alejo Milanesi, 20, Tomas Enzo Comelli, 19, Juan Pedro Guarino, 19, Ciro Pertossi, 19, Blas Sinalli, 18, Pablo Ventura, 20, and Matias Franco Benicelli, 20.

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