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Zoo Says Skinny Lion Is Too Busy Mating To Eat

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Credit: CEN

A Malaysian zoo slammed after pictures of a skinny lion in its care were circulated has said that the animal is too busy mating to eat.

The lion in question is called Manja Kani and lives at the Negara Zoo in the state constituency of Ulu Klang in the central-eastern Malaysian Gombak District.

The pictures show a large lion with a big mane of hair. One image shows the bony-looking lion trying to mate with his partner.

One user ‘Megat ‘Adli’ wrote: “Zoo Negara’s animals are not being fed enough even after all the public help. Something’s wrong. Investigate it or shut it down.

Credit: CEN

Whilst user ‘MohdFaizalHassan’ wrote: “Pray for our skinny lion. This big cat
was once the king of his land.”

The vice president of the zoo, Rosly Rahmat Ahmat Lana gave a press conference on the 13th June to address the issue and assured the public that this is a common occurrence among the lion species.

Ahmat Lana said: “Manja Kani and Manja Ela are in the process of mating lately and it has caused Manja Kani to skip meals.

“This is because the female refused to mate, while the male attempts to coerce her into mating.”

The zoo’s spokesperson also mentioned that due to a movement control order in the pandemic they have found it impossible to get the lions usual diet of beef which means they have had to switch to chicken, saying the lion is a bit fussy about this new food.

Ahmat Lana went on to say that the lion is healthy despite looking a bit thin and that he has produced several offspring in the past with his mate.

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