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Young Woman Loses Both Legs After Undergoing Nose Job

Story By: Ajda EnderSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska,  Agency: Newsflash

This young woman who lost both of her legs below the knee after having a nose job at a Turkish plastic surgery clinic is hoping to receive nearly 100,000 GBP in compensation.

Sevinc Ceklik was 25 years old when she signed up to have nose reduction surgery at a private hospital in Istanbul.

After the two-hour operation on 2nd May 2014, she appeared well and was sent home where she developed a fever.


The hospital insisted that she was well, even when she went back to see them a week later to have the cast removed, and they told her the symptoms were normal, according to local media.

However, her condition continued to worsen in the following days despite the doctors’ assurances.

Her brother, name not disclosed, said she was unable to eat as she constantly felt sick, and when her legs turned black she was hospitalised in a critical condition.


A&E doctors diagnosed her with blood poisoning and on 9th June they told her family they had no choice but to remove her legs if they were to save her life.

She has since filed a complaint and is seeking compensation of TRY 1 million (GBP 97,625) despite the hospital claiming they are not to blame, adding that the blood poisoning was from eating chicken two weeks after the surgery and shortly before she was hospitalised.

The court has requested expert reports and a decision will be made in April next year.

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