Young Mums Baby Was Switched For Stillborn With 2 Heads

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

A young mum claims her healthy baby was switched at birth for a stillborn with two heads by the doctors.

According to local media, Ayelen Liliana Aquino was admitted to the Reconquista Hospital in the city of Reconquista located in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe in her 39th week of pregnancy.

However, doctors reportedly detected that the unborn baby’s heart was failing and carried out an emergency C-section.


According to the woman’s lawyer Oscar Vazquez, the baby was delivered stillborn and with two heads.

When Aquino was released from hospital, she immediately launched a lawsuit for malpractice, according to reports.

While the mother was told the baby was stillborn, she is apparently claiming via her lawyer that they have a certificate signed by an obstetrician saying it was born alive and weighed 4.5 kilogrammes, according to local media.

Vazquez said: “There are several theories of what happened, and we do not know where we are yet.”

He added that there could have been a serious error during the ultrasound and the possibility that the woman’s baby was switched for another one born with two heads.

According to reports, the scan took place in the city of Avellaneda in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires where the woman is from.

Hospital director Jorge Fiant told local media that it was a “case of thoracopagus conjoined twins” which was noticed during birth.

He added that the certificate stating the baby was born alive was “a mistake” by the doctor filling out the form.

Fiant also said: “We are okay that the woman came here to give birth even though her pregnancy was monitored in another place.”

Meanwhile, prosecutors have reportedly asked to exhume the baby’s body to carry out DNA tests to learn more.

The investigation is ongoing.

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