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Young Mum Stabbed In The Neck By Jealous Husband Whilst She Slept Next To Her Two Daughters

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A 23-year-old Brazilian mum is in a coma after her jealous husband allegedly stabbed her repeatedly whilst she was sleeping in bed with her daughters aged two and three.

Daniel Ribeiro, age not stated, allegedly stabbed his wife of six years Claudia Elen Gomes da Silva, 23, whilst she was in bed with the pair’s two children in the Community of Caramujo, in Niteroi, Brazil, last Thursday (9th September).

Local news site G1 reports that the suspected attempted femicide was not only witnessed by the two young girls in the bed but also by Claudia’s 7-year-old son and her 12-year-old sister. None of the children were attacked but are reported to be traumatised.

Claudia managed to get away from Ribeiro and run outside of the house to alert locals, who then called the emergency services as she collapsed to the ground.

Claudia was transferred to the hospital where she remains in a coma in critical condition as the stabbing perforated one of her lungs.

The doctors are concerned that even if she survives she will lose her ability to speak because of the severity of her injuries.

Adriana Rodrigues, Claudia’s mother, told G1: “My 12-year-old daughter saw the whole ordeal, she saw him [Ribeiro] stab the knife into her over and over again.”

She added: “She [the 12-year-old sister] can’t sleep because of the trauma.”

The victim’s mother said that the doctors told her Claudia is currently in a coma in a critical state and is likely to lose her ability to speak if she survives.

Adriana said: “Her husband is a very jealous man. He always tried to control her sometimes he would take her phone and stop her from talking to he friends.”

She added: “I always used to warn her that jealousy can often lead to violence.”

The authorities are still looking for the suspect and the family say they are worried he will attack them before he is arrested.

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