Young Mother Dies During Botched Lipo At Fake Surgeons

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A young mother has tragically died during a botched liposuction operation by an alleged fake cosmetic surgeon in Colombia.

According to local newspaper Publimetro the victim, 23-year-old Wendy Alexandra Buesaquillo, died in a clinic located in the neighbourhood of Cedritos, in the Colombian capital city of Bogota.

Publimetro also reported that the man who operated on her, Ignacio Soler, is allegedly not even a qualified cosmetic surgeon but a general GP and already has various complaints and lawsuits against him for other procedures he has carried out.


Wendy’s family told local newspaper El Tiempo that the mother-of-one had decided to take advantage of the lockdown period to get the cosmetic surgery.

They added that she died for unknown reasons in the middle of the surgery and that Soler called to let them know she had died, allegedly asking for the issue to be dealt with by their lawyers instead of involving the police.

The family say they rejected this suggestion and immediately called the authorities, after which a forensic unit went to the clinic to investigate the cause of death of the patient.

The deceased’s husband, Jefferson Pardo, reported to local television that his wife “started to be interested (in surgery) as a lot of young women were doing surgeries and he (the surgeon) had good prices, not low prices, but good prices.”

Since the news of Wendy’s death became public, more patients have begun to come forward and post their horror stories about Dr. Soler.


One woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, told El Tiempo: “I want to file a complaint against the doctor Ignacio Soler Moreno. This individual performed a bichectomy procedure on me three months ago. He did it wrong and it was incomplete.

“He was a coarse man with dangerous potential.”

Another former patient Catalina Maza Leon told El Tiempo that she had gone in for a surgery which went wrong and she had to be rushed to hospital and was resuscitated because her two lungs had filled with air.

The patient went on to say that the insurance policy she bought on the doctor’s recommendation turned out to be false, so her family had to pay for her medical fees caused by the botched operation.

Catalina added: “This supposed doctor washed his hands of me, saying that I had bought the policy on my own. He had an attitude with my family of total disinterest for my health and for what we had to pay at the clinic for my recovery.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.