Young Man Arrested For Stabbing Attractive Young Girlfriend Dead, Leaving Their Baby Son Without A Mum

A young man has been arrested for stabbing his pretty girlfriend to death, leaving their young son without a mother.

Raiane Ferreira da Silva, 21, was stabbed to death at her home the town of Indiara in the Brazilian state of Goias on Monday night (20th December).

Her neighbours attested to having heard her and her boyfriend arguing, followed by her cries for help.

Raiane Ferreira da Silva, 21, was stabbed to death, in Indiara, Brazil, on 22nd, December. (Newsflash)

They said her boyfriend Samuel Batista, 23, then left the house with their seven-month-old son in his arms, whom he handed to a female neighbour, telling her he had killed his girlfriend.

He then fled by car, but he was subsequently arrested by the Military Police (Brazil’s preventive police force) in a nearby abandoned house around an hour later.

Bloodstains were found throughout the couple’s residence, and clothes and personal items were found strewn around the property.

Raiane Ferreira da Silva, 21, was stabbed to death, with her 7-month-old son, in Indiara, Brazil, on 22nd, December. (Newsflash)

The victim’s sister Daiane told reporters that the young woman had spoken of previous fights with and threats made by her boyfriend.

The couple had been together for over a year, and during that time, they had split up and reconciled several times.

The victim had previously reported her boyfriend to the police for threatening her, and he was arrested in April last year.

Samuel Batista, 23, pictured with the couples 7-month-old son, allegedly stabbed Raiane Ferreira da Silva, 21, to death in Indiara, Brazil, on 22nd, December. (Newsflash)

A restraining order was taken out against him. However, the couple swiftly rekindled their relationship.

The victim’s mother has since told reporters that the suspect would not let her daughter leave the house unaccompanied and that “he treated her like an object”.

After being questioned, the suspect was remanded in custody, awaiting trial.