Young Girl Steps On Loose Manhole Cover And Plunges Into Sewer

Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska,  Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment a young girl walks along a pavement outside her house before stepping on a manhole cover and falling into the sewer.

The incident was filmed in the city of Ufa in the south-western Russian republic of Bashkortostan, and the footage was shared on the social network VK.

According to the news site Life, the mother did not initially see her three-year-old daughter fall down the manhole until an eyewitness came to her aid.


In the footage, the girl is seen walking along the edge of the pavement as her mother looks on.

Just when the mum turns away, the child steps on the manhole cover and it flips up in front of two pedestrians.

The mother to realising what happens then holds up the manhole cover as one of the bystanders lifts the girl out of the sewer.


The little girl appears to be fine as her mum checks on her and the helpful bystander says a few words.

After the incident, the local authorities released a statement confirming that it is under investigation.

The Investigative Committee of Russia said the girl landed on a step and did not fall to the bottom of the sewer, thereby only suffering a scare and no bodily injury.

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